Angry Andy’s Payback Recap

Neville BNB

Neville vs. King Barrett

Regardless of the outcome, expect both guys to look very strong heading into the Intercontinental championship Elimination Chamber match.
I’m expecting…: A solid, show-stealing match. Barrett wins, but Neville looks strong in defeat. Neville takes the Intercontinental title in the Chamber.

So besides the rumors of Sheamus taking the Intercontinental title, we were all in agreement that this was going to be good. We’re probably all in agreement that the ending could have been better, but that the match was still enjoyable, right? Right.

For the folks pissing and moaning about the countout finish… the Elimination Chamber is TWO FUCKING WEEKS away. You know how you build up a match that takes place inside an inescapable steel structure? You have someone tuck their tail between their legs and walk away to avoid a fight. Why? Because the payoff is him NOT BEING ABLE TO ESCAPE. Do you even watch wrestling?

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