Angry Andy’s Top 10 Opponents for a WWE-Bound AJ Styles

del rio fired

10. Alberto Del Rio

A lot of people tend to forget about Alberto Del Rio… but you already knew that.


When people think of AJ Styles, they think of all his high-flying flashy offense. People tend to forget he’s a pretty fantastic technical wrestler, too.

There’s where Mexico’s Greatest Export comes into play.

ADR vs AJ Styles would be one of those “ROH PPV Main Event” type matches. The technical wrestling would be off the charts, and the high spots would be both meaningful, and well-timed.

It’s pretty much a wrestling geek’s wet dream.

The trick, here? Making sure this match is performed in front of the right crowd. If you try to present this match to a Cena-friendly crowd, it may not get the reaction you want… or much of a reaction at all. But if you were to put this match in front of a smart-mark city (Brooklyn and Chicago, especially) then you will probably end up with something that’s both great, and memorable.

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