Andy Will Be Angry If…: WWE Roadblock Edition

Sheamus & King Barrett vs. The New Day (c)

WWE Tag Team Championship

I guess this is the New Day’s face turn. Considering the fact that Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods are, far and away, my favorite act in the company… I’m okay with it.

The King of Bad News is on his way out of the company, so it doesn’t make much sense to put him anywhere near a title. But Sheamus is a multi-time former WWE World Heavyweight Champion with nothing else to do… so it kind of makes sense for him to “pull a Cena” and kill time in a midcard title feud.

I’m torn. But, as a New Day fan, I’d like to see the best act in the company walk into WrestleMania as tag team champions… so that’s who I’m pulling for.

I’ll be angry if: The League of Nations wins.

I’ll keep my cool if: The New Day wins.

If I booked it: The New Day wins, and the League of Nations implodes.

I’m expecting…: The New Day to look somewhat foolish as faces, but retain the titles.

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