Professional Wrestling

It’s the First Day of #TheNewWeek. In celebration of The Nickster’s birthday, we’re taking a look at his favorite stable from the wonderful world of wrestling. This is the 39th installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. As always we’ll start by making The New Day a Stable You (Should) Probably Know Better.

With Brock about to face off against a Zombie Wizard Mortician and Arrow’s Stephen Amell challenging The Cosmic King and Stardust alongside The Man That Gravity Forgot, the worlds of comics and pro graps have never been more intertwined. So we thought now would be as good a time as any to make a list of the Top 10 Comic Book Characters We Want to See Brock Fight.

The world of #InternetWrestlingWriting is, more often than not, a place filled with abject stupidity, negativity and fantasy booking. And since we want to be famous, we figured we’d incorporate the least of those three evils into our website with a new recurring feature we’ll be doing called “Juice Make Sugar’s Crystal Ball”. This month, we try to figure out what’s going to happen for 2015’s Royal Rumble PPV.