It’s Time to Go Home

It’s really great that WAY BARRA AND THE WAY BARRA BARRAG is wrestling Daniel Bryan to kick off a show. I don’t get ION television, so this is a first for me.

There’s absolutely no rational explanation why Brad Maddox’s entrance is A) the theme from Raw and B) not him singing. Profits may be down this quarter, but how expensive could a microphone and some studio time with Jim Johnston cost?

SummerSlam drinking game – Rule #1: During the main event on Sunday, every time they mention that Daniel Bryan was trained by HBK or William Regal, 3 sips. 5 sips if it’s after a kip-up/Regal stretch

The crowd really loves the anticipatory “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” part of DB’s rallies, to the point where they always shoot their load on it way too soon. Act like you’ve been here before, Sac-Town.

That was the fastest three-count-that-was-actually-a-three-count ever. Normally, fast counts are simply 12ishThr-SUPER FUCKING RUNAWAY! but Brad stayed in for the whole show. Good for him.

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