Angry Andy’s Payback Recap

Sheamus Ziggler

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus needs the win. Sheamus gets the win.
Sheamus gets the win on some crazy Ziggler bump. Both guys get in the Elimination Chamber match for the Intercontinental title.

During the match, I said how much better this feud is with Sheamus as the monster heel, and Ziggler as the babyface bump machine. I could watch these guys wrestle a thousand times (and, rest assured, we probably will.) They beat the hell out of each other. Ziggler got his payback by shoving his ass in Sheamus’ face. Ziggler got busted open hardway and wore an AMAZING crimson mask, and then ate a Brogue Kick. This match was exactly what it was supposed to be, AND still managed to save something for their inevitable rematch(es.)

What made me happy: First off, I dare you to come up with a more exciting way to start the show. I’ll wait. Secondly, this was quite simply a good, entertaining match.

What made me angry: The fact that most of the attention afterwards was from fans trying to determine whether Ziggler bled hardway, or gigged himself. Here’s an idea – it doesn’t really fucking matter, you marks. It added to the match, and made his post-match sell look that much more convincing. But if it actually matters to you, here’s the picture of his stitches. If that’s a blade job, someone needs to tell Mr. Nemeth that’s NOT how you do it.

If I booked it…: Sheamus would have done the war paint gimmick on his chest with Ziggler’s blood.

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