It’s a Big Dog Eat Big Dog World

If, somehow, The B-Team beat the Deleters of Worlds this Sunday, their entire “winning streak” will have been totally worth it and fun to watch. Otherwise, it was just an exercise in seeing the most creative ways Matt Hardy can lose a match, which while fun to watch doesn’t really seem worth it.

As for the match itself, here’s Maffew Gregg of Botchamania fame with my exact thoughts:


The Riott Squaddd (sadly sans mi corazon Ruby for the time being) as Vince McMahon’s idea of “punks” works on a comedic level without making them jokes themselves. Having them do petulant shit with the biggest jokes on the show actually has the opposite effect: it makes you almost sympathetic to their attempts to fly so high with wax wings. They could just end up being a walking stereotype after being WWE champion this time last year. Or worse, a Breeze without their Dango.

In an era where the women should be main eventing PPVs, greener than goose shit feels like the right way to describe Liv Morgan, who works like Harley Quinn as Lita-era diva. To be clear, she is not bad as she’s serviceable enough to be watchable and appears to be, much more importantly, safe —  and in fact has improved almost exponentially in terms of selling, but she still saunters into every move she or her opponent performers like she’s waiting to be told what to do in a given situation. There’s no reason to believe she can’t get better, but one hopes she does so before the next class of NXT women make their way to the main roster or she will get all the way lost in the shuffle after the inevitable split of the Squaddd. Oh, yeah, Ember Moon won with a fucking sweet roll-up spot and continues to be super great.

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