How Wrestling Explains The World, Episode 12 – Mystery Fiction

The Wrestling Estate‘s David Gibb and Juice Make Sugar‘s Nick Bond are here weekly to provide a pleasantly in-depth discussion on a specific subject that professional wrestling helps explain in ways you may not have realized.

This week, it’s Mystery Fiction, so join us as we investigate every Murder, She Wrote or game that’s afoot we could possibly think of while spending an hour or so sussing out what makes a great mystery stay with us just as much as a great match. And if you ever wondered about any of the following:

– What Mike Hammer and Lex Luger have in common?

– Which trope Hulk Hogan’s heel turn took from Dame Agatha Christie’s “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”?

– How can wrestlers use Columbo to make themselves better?

then, boy howdy, do we have a podcast for you.


Oh, and just one more thing: We’re going to post links to our recommendations at the end of each episode whenever possible, starting this week.

Dave’s Recommendation – “Death in the Clouds” by Agatha Christie

Nick’s Recommendation – “Disturbed” from Season 5, Episode 21 of Numb3rs


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