Andy's Top 10 Reasons To Be Angry: Why You're NOT Watching Raw Tonight

Though you probably wouldn’t be able to tell because of the way I edit our podcasts, Andy is a legitimately angry person. Whether that’s because he wasn’t hugged enough as a child or because his beloved Cowboys have been almost exactly .500 for the past decade remains unclear. What is clear is that Andy likes channeling this anger into writing about wrestling. And that’s how we get to Andy’s Top 10 Reasons To Be Angry, something he’ll be bringing back whenever he feels like it because we have very little editorial oversight when it comes to these things. 
Anyways, here’s Andy’s Top 10 Reasons to Be Angry: Why You’re NOT Watching Raw Tonight.


Have you seen this woman wrestle?  Have you seen her perform the act she thinks is wrestling?  It’s not good.  And anyone who tunes in on Monday nights is going to be seeing a lot of this so-called performance over the next few months, thanks to Total Divas.
In the words of Brock Lesnar, “it’s going to be ugly, people.”
Here’s hoping that Rosa is a lot better at pretending the things she’s pretending are part of her every day life while pretending she’s not being followed by a camera crew, than she is at pretending to be a professional wrestler.  Otherwise, she’ll be ruining two separate WWE shows this fall.

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