It’s a Big Dog Eat Big Dog World

As someone who at least doesn’t hate the work of Alexa Bliss, the level to which this rejoinder to her WrestleMania feud with Nia Jax has been a categorical disappointment is fairly upsetting. There’s both the idea that she impeded (and not, seemingly, in a delayed gratification kind of way) what should have been a very awesome feud between Ronda and Nia, but that she’s going to somehow come out on top despite being basically 1/3rd the size of her opponent without being, say, Rey Mysterio to compensate for it.

Her facility with a kendo stick aside, it’s hard to imagine a feud where they have to bend over this far backwards to make it so that one of the performers has even the slightest chance agains the other. Literally, the only good that can come from this is Ronda accidentally costing Nia the match and Nia working with Ronda at SummerSlam in a blowoff, while Alexa does Alexa stuff to build a feud against… Ember Moon? Sure, why not.


Like Kevin Owens in the segment before it, this Sasha Banks and Bayley therapy segment stinks even worse than it did last week. Though, at least KO has the excuse of having been in a literal porta potty, as opposed to the metaphorical one that Sasha and Bayley finds themselves in almost weekly.

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