A Winner is You

If there’s been one aspect of the last year and a half or so that’s been a pleasant surprise, it’s the WWE Universe’s overwhelming embrace of female competitors as being worthy of their time. While it may seem condescending to frame it that way, it’s important to remember that just five years ago, the crowd reaction to anything involving the women’s division would be to chant the names of the performers they were dating in real life. The turnaround from that to treating the women’s division as equals (if not, in some ways, better) in essentially every way has been a sincere joy to watch.

As was this segment, essentially from beginning to end. Alexa‘s promo work is consistently among the best in the industry and given that the match between the two should last all of five seconds, it’s about the only way to get people in the door to see she and Ronda Rousey work together towards such an obvious conclusion. Which is to say that the goal of this feud is not to put on the best match — like, Good Fucking Luck topping what Nia and Ronda did on Sunday, Ms. Bliss — but to see how badly Alexa can make people want to see her get her ass handed to her by a rampaging Rousey.

And rampage Ronda did.

I’m not sure if I’m in love with the idea of writing her off the show for a month, but considering the level of damage she inflicted on anyone that came into contact with her — including Kurt Angle — it at least feels warranted.

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