Andy Will Be Angry If…: The Roman Rumble Edition

Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch

WWE Divas Championship

Don’t look now, but this has been the best-booked main roster feud over the last few months. Charlotte made a wonderful heel turn, as did her Hall of Fame dad. Becky went from being a generic face to a fiery babyface, who the fans actually like and believe in. Not only that, the crowd wants to see her win the title from Charlotte.

Fancy that.

This isn’t going to be match of the night, nor will it be the last of their feud, so expect them to save something for next time.

I’m expecting…: Charlotte steals a win from Becky, who has the match won, leading to a stipulation match of some sort at Fast Lane.

If I booked it: Sasha costs Becky the match, leading to a 3-way match for the title at Fast Lane. Also, Sasha is THE BOSS, and not “twerking with the New Day” faux Sasha.

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