Andy Will Be Angry If…: The Roman Rumble Edition

The New Day (c) vs. The Usos

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

If you’ve somehow managed to miss all wrestling over the last 3 months, I’ll clue you in on something.

These guys have absolutely amazing chemistry together. They will have a good-to-great match.

Xavier Woods will be gold at ringside.

Chris Jericho will probably be around, rocking his Cool Dad routine. It won’t be cool, but he can act like it is.

Last I saw, New Day was the favorite to win this match… but not by much. It makes the most sense for Big E and Kofi to retain, since there is an abundance of babyface challengers but no other heel teams… but that doesn’t mean The Usos won’t pull out a big win.

This could easily go either way, and that’s what I like about it.

I’ll be angry if: We get a dirty finish.

I’ll keep my cool if: We get a clean finish… with either team going over.

I’m expecting…: Chris Jericho turns on The Usos.

If I booked it: The Usos win clean, bringing out a much meaner, angrier New Day.

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