What’s the Worst That Could Happen? NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Edition

Do you hear that sound? It’s 1.3 million subscribers to the WWE Network shrieking for joy at the latest edition of the best show $9.99 can buy, NXT Takeover! This time with 100% more Unstoppable, where we find out what’s the worst that could happen when everyone wants to impress Triple H. Let’s grab some brass rings and please dear god nobody get hurt!

Tag Title Match

Team Thicke (c) vs. Enzo & Cass – NXT Tag-Team Championship Match

Best Case Scenario: Enzo and Cass win the titles easily over their personality-challenged opponents, then run down all participants in the upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber tag title match. Triple H is so impressed with their epic promo he books them into the Chamber. They eventually lose when their pod doesn’t open Spinal Tap style, trapping them for the rest of the show.

Worst Case Scenario: Enzo and Cass lose their voices at a Bruce Springsteen concert the night before and can’t cut a promo before or after the match.

What Matthew Wants to Happen: Enzo and Cass show they can wrestle, Team Thicke show they have a personality.

What Will Happen: Team Thicke retain the titles when the Long Island Non-Sawfties get distracted by Carmela and Alexa Bliss’ ringside brawl, which sounds neat but will just confuse us further on how to root for the women of WWE.

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