Andy Will Be Angry If…: Elimination Chamber Edition

Miz Bryan

Kickoff Show

MizTV featuring Daniel Bryan

Let’s just call this what it is, and accept it. It’s a live infomercial for the new Daniel Bryan documentary WWE has put together. They were hoping he’d be back in the ring by now, so they could just shill it every time he comes to the ring… but he’s teetering on the edge of involuntary retirement, so we’re stuck with plan B.

And what a plan b it is.

Miz will come out and do his “I’m a Hollywood douchebag” routine, and do it well enough. Bryan will be lovably awkward on the microphone, and not have anything of actual substance to say, besides “watch my DVD” and a couple thousand instances of the word YES.

My hope for this filler-segment is that WWE uses it to build a new feud for the returning Miz. That’s the only way to salvage this segment.

I’ll be angry if: Miz bullies Bryan while also shilling his DVD. Miz tries to get tough, eats a kick, and looks like a total jabroni in the process… since, you know, he’s the only one in this segment who can still work.

I’ll keep my cool if: Miz bullies Bryan, playing off the dynamic that Bryan was once his rookie on NXT, and now he’s nothing, while Miz is still a star. Miz goes for…something… and someone saves Bryan. It could be any lower-card babyface who doesn’t have something to do right now. Fandango comes to mind. So does Zack Ryder, especially after his performance this week against John Cena.

I’m expecting…: Miz to look like an idiot.

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