What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Impact Wrestling Preview (5/30 Edition)

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling represents TNA’s last chance to build a paying audience for Slammiversary — their quarterly pay-per-view — as well as their return to the 9PM Eastern timeslot. Join Juice Make Sugar’s mononymous Dave on a magical mystery tour  across the equally twisted planes of his mind and TNA booking.


TNA Says: Thursday’s broadcast will feature the final countdown to Slammiversary with a huge main event match that will start the broadcast at 9/8c: “The Icon” Sting will team with Joseph Park to battle World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray and Devon of The Aces and Eights! With just days before Slammiversary, will all hell break loose when Sting and Park battle one of the greatest tandems in wrestling history in Team 3D? Will Bully Ray try to eliminate Sting before their World Title main event? With Joseph Park in action – will “The Monster” Abyss make another unexpected appearance? Don’t miss the opening to Thursday’s broadcast!

Best Case Scenario: Devon submits to the Scorpion Deathlock as Ray brawls outside with Park. Sting looks good heading into the pay per view, but only goes over Devon, which leaves the crowd wondering how he would fare against the World Heavyweight Champion.

Worst Case Scenario: Sting and Ray spend a ton of time in the ring together, destroying any chance their match at Slammiversary will seem special. Ray and Devon hit the 3-D on Park with a developmental wrestler playing Abyss making an appearance.

Dave Says: Last week, I complained about Ray and Devon using the 3D because it draws attention to Bully Ray’s history as a midcard tag team wrestler. TNA called my bluff by booking what is essentially a full-fledged Dudley Boys match.

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