What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Hardcore Justice Edition

TNA Says:

(No Disqualification, No Countouts) 
Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky and ODB

Don’t miss the lovely but lethal Knockouts in action on Thursday night as Knockouts Champion Mickie James teams with Gail Kim to battle former champion Velvet Sky and ODB!

Best Case Scenario: This match goes at least ten minutes, with each competitor having time to both shine on offense and sell as well. ODB hits a big spot on Mickie James that has her looking poised for the win, but Gail Kim catches her with a cheap shot and steals the victory for the heels.

Worst Case Scenario: TNA reveals yet another interim referee for the Knockouts Division: Brooke Hogan. The heels dominate the match until Kim gets into an argument with Brooke, kicking off her third feud with a referee on the year. Velvet Sky hits her In Yo’ Face finisher on the poor, distracted Gail for the dirty babyface win.

Dave Says: James and Kim are two of the top female wrestlers in the world, so a team of the two seems pretty unbeatable. With that said, Sky and ODB are both over babyfaces with a loyal following from their many years of service in TNA, so they could also get a feel-good tag team in the chaotic gimmick match.

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