#BrockWeek: Top 10 Comic Book Characters We Want to See Brock Fight

2. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Out of all of the potential opponents on this list, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is the one against whom neither the man Brock Edward Lesnar nor the Beast Incarnate BARAK LEZNAR would stand a chance. Like Victoria before her, USG ain’t the lady to mess with.

She’s beat Doctor Doom, defeated Galactus, kicked the crap out of the Avengers and most recently outsmarted – along with her roommate Nancy, Thor (The Goddess of Thunder), Odinson the Unworthy, and Loki as Cat Thor – an ancient Norse trickster squirrel god who was being a real jerk. Also, she’s studying computer science, so she’s like way smart.
It’s hard to say whether or not she’d be able to defeat BARAKLEZNAR without her cadre of squirrel friends (read: all the squirrels in the entire universe except for that one ancient Norse trickster squirrel god.) But she’s still getting the job done, because she’s here to Eat Nuts and Kick Butts.

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