Andy Will Be Angry If…: WWE Fastlane Edition


Paul Heyman appears on MizTV

Paul Heyman is the greatest hype man in wrestling.  The Miz is one of the best pure heels in wrestling.  Damien Mizdow is one of the most organically loved babyfaces in wrestling.  This segment has potential to be something really special…even if it doesn’t seem like much on the surface.

I’ll be angry if: Miz and Mizdow have an awkward and unexplained Bella reunion, just because.  The last few months become a total waste.

I’ll keep my cool if: This segment is used to split the Miz and Mizdow, officially.  Miz and Mizdow both announce their intention to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, where Mizdow will eliminate Miz, building to a Miz-off at Extreme Rules.

I’m expecting: Miz asks if he can be a Paul Heyman guy.  Heyman blows him off, and tells Mizdow that he can be a Paul Heyman guy instead.  He also mentions that Mizdow is no personal assistant, and he’s no stunt double. He’s a leading man.  Miz and Mizdow finally come to blows, and Mizdow takes a shot to the moneymaker.

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