Andy Will Be Angry If…: The New Day vs. League of Nations

The Buildup

How do you take ultra-popular but effective heels and turn them babyface, with minimal effort? You put them up against four heels no one could possibly cheer. It’s the successful version of what they tried to do with Triple H and Roman Reigns.

The turn was beautifully organic, and seamless, that they couldn’t have pulled it off much better. The crowds have been foaming at the mouth, begging to see The New Day kick the League of Nations’ collective dick in, popping for their high spots and voicing their displeasure when the tides turned in favor of the heel.

It’s wrestling 101.

The only misstep? The fact that, for whatever reason, the WWE Tag Team Championship is not on the line. New Day have had an amazing run as tag champs, which could only be improved by giving them a big win on the biggest stage of all. Plus, why the hell would the League of Nations waste their time with this match, if not to take the titles? All four men are former champions, and should be motivated to become champions again, as opposed to fighting for “bragging rights.” That’s a cop out.

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