Best in the World, Another Injury, and Rollins is the new Randy

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I want to add to a point Nick made in this week’s Raw Regurgitated, regarding Triple H and Seth Rollins.  He pointed out that there seems to a behind-the-scenes apprenticeship going on, just as there is on-camera.

I’ll take that a step further.

Nick and I have talked at length about how WWE is using Paul Heyman, and Brock Lesnar, to drill it into your head that Cesaro is BIG TIME.  Heyman is the one behind twenty-one-and-one, and he’s the one behind the one who will win the WWE title at Money in the Bank. Sound familiar?

You’ve heard it twice a week for 2+ months, and there’s a reason for that.  Paul Heyman led this big lunk of a man to the WWE title, and also led him to break the biggest undefeated streak of all time.  By then turning to Cesaro, and saying “and this is my new guy who’s just as friggin good,” WWE is flat-out telling you that Cesaro is, to borrow a term that ring a Paul Heyman-shaped bell, THE NEXT BIG THING.  They’re flat-out telling you that Cesaro is a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  They’re flat-out telling you that Cesaro is capable of tackling the giant, just like Lesnar did.  Why?  Because he’s with Heyman, who only attaches his name to giant-killing future WWE World Heavyweight Champions.

Just forget about the Curtis Axel experiment.

Now back to the point.  WWE has aligned Triple H and Seth Rollins.  At the same time, WWE has aligned Triple H with FACE OF THE COMPANY Randy Orton.  Triple H has his “right now” guy in Randy Orton (his Brock Lesnar) and now he has “the future” in Seth Rollins (his Cesaro).  Hell, he flat-out called Seth Rollins THE FUTURE OF WWE.  That’s just as telling a statement as the direct parallel between Hunter’s crop, and Heyman’s.

And I’d bet good money that Seth Rollins’ chances as “the future of WWE” are much higher than Drew McInyre’s were.
Of course Triple H is grooming Seth Rollins for greatness.  The success of Seth Rollins would immediately validate the investment in the NXT system, and Triple H’s vision for the future of WWE as a whole.

The success of Seth Rollins is success for Triple H.

So when you hear Triple H call Rollins the future of WWE, know that he means it.  When you hear Rollins referred to as a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, know that it’s not idle banter, but an inevitable truth.

It’s just a matter of time until Rollins is defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against a new crop of challengers, including Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, and Cody Rhodes, the artist soon to be formerly known as Stardust.

Spoiler Alert: Cena wins.

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