An American Big Guy in Liverpoo

This match was messy, and it underlines why although he is your Raw Regurgitated correspondent’s favorite performer, Ryback may never reach the top of the business: he has serious trouble working with people his size. When performing with giants or people “Dolph Ziggler or smaller”, the level of strength he is able to palpably demonstrate is commensurate ¬†with the expectations that his look provides. But it isn’t entirely clear if he can have a great — or just “really really good” — match with the John Cenas and CM Punks of the world. But damned if that dude isn’t over.
And, more importantly, entirely believable — with his combination of power, speed and resilience — going through Team Authority like a hot knife through butter.

With this, alongside how he was established as highly desirable by the Authority, his “legit” beef with Cena AND Rollins from the last time it’s clear that they’ve decided to give him the push he deserved, which they had to abort the last time he rocket strapped his way to the main event. Which is most certainly, at least in this correspondent’s eyes, what’s Best for Business.

Especially when it looks like What’s Best for Business just picked up. So we have that to look forward to, which is nice.

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