#TakerWeek: The Ten Best Streak Matches

It’s #TakerWeek: Part Deux, a (special two-week) celebration of all things Rest in Peace and the 29th installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. Today, we give you the finer points of Mean Mark’s oeuvre with some Essential Viewing. This time, it’s his best Streak matches.

10. HHH, WrestleMania X-Seven

Yes, wrestling is fake. We all know this. In fact, that’s why some of us like it so danged much. But the moment in this match — the highest spot in it, to precise — when that was exposed along with the crash pad that HHH landed on following a chokeslam off scaffolding puts this slightly behind all of the matches on this list. It’s not that it’s not great — on some level all of these matches are — or that the spot makes the match unwatchable. But when picking nits on “what’s the best” these are things that need to be taken into account. Also, let’s not forget that more than any other match on this list, there was no way that HHH was winning this match.

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