Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Raw Regurgitated, 1/20

Usually don’t mind talkie-segs — the amount of people who watch wrestling for those segments is crazy — but jeez: Randy Orton either needs to be more or less petulant, and Stephanie needs to pick a path. If it’s as the reluctant wife of the villain (HHH), that’s fine. If it’s as a co-conspirator, that’s fine too. But wishy-washy “we’re really doing what’s Best for Business!” isn’t going to work as a compelling narrative when HHH is screwing — or has already  screwed —  over the two most popular performers on the show in Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.  And for Randy, having him complain about facing the guy he’s beaten — as fairly and squarely in the middle of the ring as a TLC allows — to show he’s a crybaby probably isn’t the best idea either.

We choose this week for Batista Week for rather obvious reasons — residual hits from Google because of his return — but we chose Batista as the Wrestler of the Week for moments like when his music hit. He’s never going to be the best wrestler, or the best talker, but the reactions he generates just being a physical presence is worth spending a week on. Also, that entrance is still pretty much the best thing ever.

The good news: Batista came in, established a clear objective and left. The bad news: that means he’s a face.

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