NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews "Till I Collapse"

Mike Mondo vs The Great and Powerful O

#1 Contendership for the NYWC Championship

Early power display by the Big O.  Mondo sells like a god early.  I made a point to write in my notes that Mondo sells to every fan in the building.  He’s so good, it’s almost not fair.

At one point, Mondo goes down clutching his leg.  He sells it for so long, with officials coming out to help him to the back, that it almost seemed legit.  I certainly wondered if it was.  But as O goes to follow him to the back, Mondo comes out and takes him down, before dancing around the ring.  Fit Finlay would be so proud.

Eventually, they brawl around the outside, and into the locker room, for a double countout.

What I liked: Mondo made O’s power offense look amazing.  His fake injury gimmick was really something to behold.

What made me angry: Wasn’t a huge fan of the finish, but I’m going to assume it will pay off in some big multi-man title match.

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