NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews "Truck House Brawl"

NYWC returned to action Friday, September 19th for a special show, Truck House Brawl.  What a fun night. There are a few things worth noting about this show before we get into the review.

First off, this show was not held in front of the usual NYWC crowd.  It was held a short drive from NYWC HQ, in Islip, New York, at the Islip Fire Department.  Lots of regular NYWC fans were there, but there was also a good amount of new fans from the neighborhood, which was pretty cool to see.  The show was built in a way that these new fans could enjoy the action, without any real prior knowledge of the guys in the ring. Very smart.

Also, this show was a fundraiser for the aforementioned fire department.  The show was held outdoors (which was awesome), with the ring lit by a fire truck.  It also featured some involvement from the fire department, which we’ll get to later in the review.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about this show, so this might not be the “Angry Andy” review you’re used to reading.  It may end up focusing a lot more on why I was such a happy (and kind of inebriated) smart mark, all night long.  It comes down to the way the show was booked, how the crowd responded, and how the guys and girls in the ring worked with the fans.

I’ll save the anger for my next WWE blog.

Now, let’s get to the action.

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