NXT Scouting Report, 11/13: Bury Sami Zayn at Wounded Knee


Sami Zayn is the best wrestler in WWE, and might be the greatest babyface in the history of professional wrestling. The guy is un-boo-able and just a joy to watch. I’ll cry real tears when he wins the WWE title from Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 34. Just go watch this match, and pause it riiiiiight when his heart breaks in two. Your heart will break right along with him. Sorry Sami, the wrestling gods didn’t choo choo choose you this night. But it’s coming.
This was the most overtly heel Adrian Neville we’ve seen. It’s not hard to play that role when up against Zayn, but that condescending consoling he did after the match was brilliant. Add to that the ambiguity of the finish – was he actually hurt, but saw an opportunity, or was he faking to GET that advantage? For the first time, there’s a must-watch Adrian Neville promo coming, and if he nails it, he’s ready.

Sami Zayn – 150%
Adrian Neville – 95%

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