NXT Scouting Report, 11/13: Bury Sami Zayn at Wounded Knee


They’ve done a major slow burn on Kalisto – everyone week we get some crazy new lucha maneuver that drives the NXT crowd bonkers. That crazy twisting top rope dive onto the floor? Epic shit. Nobody in WWE can pull of something like that, and it bodes well for Kalisto’s long-term prospects. Comparing him to Rey Mysterio is obvious, but that doesn’t tell his whole story. Kalisto might be stronger than Mysterio ever was, with believable offensive strikes matching with his flippy-flippy shit. There’s no way he’s not a fan favorite immediately. He’s getting better every week, and s singles run to the NXT championship isn’t too far off.

Sin Cara Vol. 2 is pretty cool. That roll-up power bomb is the business – Cara has really changed his offense to fit with Kalisto’s lucha theatrics. No need to compete with his little buddy in the “holy fuck” department, he’s added more power moves into his arsenal to complement the team. Man NXT fun.

These guys were cowboys, and now they’ve got a rockin’ dubstep theme. Alex Riley called them Team Thick one week. Next week they might come out as fightin’ fisherman. Who knows? The strength of NXT is its ability to try anything, and no idea is too nutty for at least a one week run.

Kalisto – 77%
Sin Cara – 150%
Wesley Blake – 10%
Buddy Murphy – 0%

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