NXT Scouting Report, 11/13: Bury Sami Zayn at Wounded Knee


Move over Bruce Springsteen! There’s only one person worth of “The Boss” moniker, and Sasha Banks is straight up clowning that old Jersey fuck now. It’s a super heel move to nickname yourself, but it’s super awesome to eventually back it up. And how cool is that photo! They had to filter it in black and white to cover up Sasha’s viciousness. It’s not if but when she hits the main roster.

Alexa Bliss Turnbuckle Sunset Flip Powerbomb. I repeat. Alexa Bliss Turnbuckle Sunset Flip Powerbomb. I’m still not sure of her character beyond Manic Dream Pixie Wrestler, but she’s getting more comfortable each week.  There much less hesitation between moves, and she brawled with a broken nose. Promising stuff from Miss Bliss.

Sasha Banks – 100%
Alexa Bliss – 55%

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