Not Great, Bob

Dolph Ziggler as a long-term Intercontinental Champion gives your correspondent the Howling Fantods, to be sure, but if this entire run is an end-around to put the belt on Drew McIntyre, I am SUPER here for it. In the meantime, Dolph should probably keep up with not flopping around like a fish gasping for air every time someone sneezes near him, as the last few weeks his work as climbs back to where it was in late 2014, when he felt on the cusp of a major career resurgence following his almost single-handed defeat of The Authority at that year’s Survivor Series.

On the other had, Seth Rollins run back at the top of the card feels more imminent than ever, as he’s now freed — in a good way — of the burden of the IC title. Having him lose it the day after a major PPV match, then fail to reclaim it after outside interference got the match thrown out, is the Universal signal for a chance at the big boy title, especially on the trajectory Seth finds himself. That the ultimate irony would be Seth beating Brock for the title before Roman has a chance, to set up some kind of match at WrestleMania and that is something that the WWE’s writing staff is acutely aware of.

…. Which is why they sent Roman out to make the save for Rollins after Drew and Dolph attempted to finish off Seth at the end of Raw. There is literally no other reason to do so, in fact, as it’s clear they’ve already established a feud between he and Bobby, as well as one between Drew, Dolph and Seth. Unless they make the HIGHLY unlikely decision to add Bob to whatever D-D are doing, it appears they are either trying to get us to expect Roman and Seth to ride together for the foreseeable future or they are mentally preparing us for some kind of incredibly significant return that will change the landscape of the main event going forward. Whomever that could be escapes us, like a lunatic from a poorly guarded asylum.

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