Not Great, Bob

What No Way Jose has done to think he deserve a rematch, even against someone as low on the totem pole as Mojo Rawley, is very unclear. Although I’d likely find it difficult to remember the end of a single NWJ’s match, I’m fairly certain that Mojo secured the victory on his own without so much as a single tight pulled or rope leveraged.

Which is why I was largely happy that Rawley rejected outright No Way’s request, with what was yet another in Mojo’s ever expanding repertoire of solid promos about meaningless subjects that have helped him turn from sideshow act into the guy who is at least above giving jobbers pity rematches without just cause.


Braun Strowman systematically torturing Kevin Owens is a nice way to keep both at-or-near the top of the card without coming up with convoluted reasons neither of them are concerned about the Universal or IC titles. The pairing also allows — for reasons we’ve discussed before — Strowman to be a bully to someone who deserves it.

HAVING SAID THAT, their defeat of Finn Bálor and Baron Corbin — who ended up losing by count-out after they decided to fight one another to damn near backstage — left a lot to be desired, as the very realistic and understandable tension between Balor and Baron made Strowman’s blood lust for Owens (or at least Owens-targeted pranks) seem like Braun wanted to fight KO because he saw how much fun his one true friend Finn was having fighting with his partner, instead of a natural outgrowth of his own issues with Owens.

And, while it’s probably cliche at this point, it would have been nice to see Braun overturn Kevin’s car instead of just having it appear upside down, as if by magic, after the latter made his way to the parking lot. Especially considering that Braun had, at best, 25 seconds to flip over the car and appear on the other side of him (unless his original goal was to lead him out there, and he had done the car flipping much earlier.)

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