I TOLD YOU SO: Angry Andy’s Survivor Series Recap


Paige vs. Charlotte (c)

WWE Divas Championship Match

I was looking forward to this match before the uncomfortable Raw promo. I was still looking forward to it after… though a little bit (and only a little bit) uncomfortable with the story they chose to tell.

The match itself, as a stand alone wrestling match, was fine. But right from the get-go, I was pretty annoyed with this. Charlotte just stood there for the introductions, while the backstabbing friend who insulted her dead brother stood there with a smirk. Then they CHAIN WRESTLED. Paige worked a fucking abdominal stretch. This was the type of match that needed a big, blood feud settling FIGHT. Instead, we got a pretty good wrestling match, with psychology that made zero sense for the given feud.

Charlotte wins, as she should. Hopefully WWE moves forward, spicing up the Divas division with Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Naomi… and much better writing.

If I booked it: This would have been a violent brawl, with some wrestling thrown in… and not the other way around.

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