I TOLD YOU SO: Angry Andy’s Survivor Series Recap


Lucha Dragons, The Usos & Ryback vs. The New Day, Sheamus & King Barrett

Another absolutely pointless survivor series elimination match. At least (most of) the guys in this match haveĀ something going on, which gives this match a big boost over the kickoff show match.

If the New Day is going to go up against these guys here, it would be nice to see them make a few tag title defense. Lucha Dragons and Usos would both make for GREAT opponents. They certainly can’t do any worse than the Dudleys. Here’s looking at your Botchamania moment, Dvon.

Is this really the best they have for Wade/Bad News/King Barrett? Couldn’t they have just let him turn face, when the crowd was clearly getting behind the Bad News gimmick? Has such a talented performer ever had less momentum?

On the other hand, New Day is the best thing going in WWE today. If you disagree, you should probably stop watching wrestling.

Match itself was fine. Everyone who doesn’t carry a crown to the ring got a chance to shine. Action was pretty solid, but nothing stood out as a really memorable.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that I found myself getting really bored, and much more easily distracted during this match.

My computer screen was far more interesting to me than my TV screen… and that’s a problem.

Ryback, Jimmy Uso and Kalisto survive. Weird combo, but whatever. It’s not like this match will be mentioned after the next week or so.

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