I TOLD YOU SO: Angry Andy’s Survivor Series Recap


Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

The second semifinals match of the WWE Championship tournament, and the only match where the result was remotely in question. Yeah, we kinda knew it would be Ambrose… but an Owens win here would give Roman a solid heel for his main event match.

I loved the Kevin Owens promo before the match. He’s the perfect guy for this spot… both as Intercontinental Champion, and semifinalist in the WWE Championship tournament. I’m sure that makes Jim Cornette crazy.

The match itself is pretty much what it needed to be. It started slow, and built up to a few high spots, and a cool finish.

What I liked: I liked Owens selling his own headbutt. I loved the rebound lariat by Ambrose, even if the move is a bit played out. Loved the finishing sequence. Solid match, and a good one to show anyone who speaks ill of either of these guys. I wouldn’t mind these guys fueding for the IC title.

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