Evolution at the Tip of a Spear

I mostly try to not assume the worst in people, or I should say, the worst in wrestlers talking to each other in backstage segments. But I also assume I’m not the only person who is more than a little worried that Bo Dallas referred to Curtis Axel as “the brother I never knew I had”. This just reeks of being the beginning of a slow burn towards their break-up/Bo joining forces with Bray Wyatt and/or Matt Hardy  to form the Rotunda Boys stable, which will be one of two things. The best case scenario is a reboot of Varsity Club with their dad in the Kevin Sullivan role. Less interesting, at least to me, would be some kind of  Dukes of Hazzard spinoff, though I believe my tune would change if this included a new series airing on the WWE Network. Either way, though, I’d prefer to keep the B — which stands for Best Brothers — Team intact as long as God will let them.

As for the match itself, it’s clear that Matt is severely limited relative to his prime and even relative to when he came back into WWE. There are ways around this: having him manage whatever incarnation emerges from the Bo-Bray singularity, disproportionately use Bray in tag matches/singles matches they do to build towards tag matches, turn him into a mech run by King Maxel or only fight on the compound/be shot with Vanguard One going forward, including during regular matches in actual arenas.

The last one seems to be the most likely as it seems that this feud will end in the Hardy Compound, with the Deleters of Worlds winning because — as everyone knows — you can’t step into the same Lake of Reincarnation twice.


The most pro wrestling thing, maybe in history, has to be the fact that this BayleySasha Banks program is somehow *more* confusing than all of the shit I just suggested. Only in this world could “mystical hillbilly cult leader and corporeal vessel tag team challenging the cult leader’s estranged brother and his best friend for fancy haberdashery” be less complicated than the “Will They or Won’t They” break-up storyline between two of the most natural frenemies ever.

HAVING SAID THAT, I am 100% with them never breaking up the Boss Hugs In Harmony. It keeps them out of the women’s title picture until the WWE is ready to give them with the shine they deserve and allows them to, potentially, push for women’s tag team titles which is something everyone wants. Even, I presume, the aforementioned neckbeards on Twitter. 

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