Evolution at the Tip of a Spear

As we’ve discussed many, many times in this space, Kevin Owens is the perfect foil for Braun Strowman in nearly every conceivable way. Including when threatening him. It’s not so much that anyone would presume that KO could actually do anything to Braun, but that he’s just crazy enough to try — at least when Braun isn’t looking — because the only thing bigger than Braun is Owens’ sense of self/ego.

Owens also has the stroke to have Constable Corbin doing dirty work for him and not just because Corbin likely sees Braun as a threat as well. Owens is just enough of a human being — as opposed to a cartoon character — that the idea he is someone’s friend (especially when that someone is a heel) isn’t crazy in the way that it would be for, say, The Miz. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, although they had their differences, actually cared about one another’s well being. It’s also a long-established fact in kayfabe that heels work together to make things easier for themselves, while babyfaces strive simply to be the best and, more often than not, shun the idea of using any assistance to reach the top. That’s why Corbin came out and how (even outside the context of his position of authority) he was able to get Jinder Mahal show up to try to “calm down” Strowman by, I assume, knocking him out by the sheer shock of WWE’s brazen stereotyping of The Modern Day Maharaja.


With the Evolution PPV on its way, there should be some hope that the women’s division can receive more than the EIGHT MINUTES THEY RECEIVED ON THIS SHOW BETWEEN THREE MATCHES. For context, THE ENTIRE WOMEN’S DIVISION RECEIVED ONE MINUTE MORE OF AIRTIME AS FINN BALOR’S FIRST MATCH. 

Get your shit together, WWE. Also, maybe next time, use the fact that you have the entire women’s division from both shows in house and, I don’t know, have them interrupt a main event or even just an important match, instead of recycling the same two four-person feuds missing their most important components? I like Natalya and Mickie just fine, but they are clearly standing in for people more important than them.


And now, a tweet from the Authors of Pain RE: Titus O’Neill

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