Andy’s Top 10 Reasons to be Angry (or scared): When Wrestlers Make Music

We’ve met a lot of professional wrestlers with hidden talents and passions, many of whom are able to use them to make money when their wrestling careers come to a close.  The Rock and Batista have become heavyweights in Hollywood, earning top-dollar to star in blockbuster movies.  Eve Torres has succeeded not only in the world of Gracie Jujitsu, but has also found some success in acting. Trush Status and DDP may be more important in the world of yoga and self-improvement than they ever were in professional wrestling, and that’s a statement.

But some folks should just stick do doing what they do in the confines of the 20×20 squared circle, and leave the side projects to someone else.  This is doubly true when it comes to music.  99 times out of 100, any wrestler who enters the recording studio is bound to produce a steaming pile of filth.  Just awful.

Since it’s Halloween, and what’s to follow id damn sure terrifying, I present you my Top 10 Reasons to be Angry Scared: When Wrestlers Make Music.

10. John Cena: Rapper

Here’s the thing with Cena’s music—it really isn’t bad.  The guy can hold a beat, and can write some decent lyrics.  But no matter how you slice it, he’s still a white boy from the Boston suburbs who wore giant chains on WWE TV, while proclaiming himself the doctor of thuganomics.  It wasn’t awful, per se, but there’s a friggin limit.

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