Andy Will Be Angry If…: AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

The Buildup

If you’ve watched any WWE programming since the Royal Rumble, you know that this is the match with the best build on the entire card… with the possible exception of the Divas title match. This has been great.

It started with a great showing for Styles in the Rumble match, followed by a series of solid matched with Jericho. Then they teamed up and went for the tag titles… and Jericho went full heel. That’s when things got really good.

Jericho’s promo work was, pardon the pun, absolutely phenomenal. His criticisms of Styles were everything that critics (and WWE brass) said about him, after he first made the jump from WCW. The parallels drawn in this feud from “rookie” Jericho to “rookie” Styles are incredible, and a level of depth we don’t usually see in WWE programing.

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