Andy Will Be Angry If…: Summerslam Edition

It was this time last year that I wrote my first piece for Juice Make Sugar.  Fittingly enough, it was a Summerslam preview.  I hadn’t quite found my voice yet, but the beginnings of Angry Andy were there.

Over the last year, I’ve written some pieces I’m really proud of, and a few I’d care to forget.  I’ve had the chance to attend and review a bunch of pretty awesome indy wrestling shows and meet some pretty cool people as a result.  I’ve amused my friends, I’ve made new friends, and offended a few when I called them out for trashing Wrestlemania.  Hell, Nick and I even started a podcast… but more on that in the days to come.

Today, we head back to the beginning, back to where my Juice Make Sugar ride kicked off.  We head back to Summerslam.

I’ll admit, I’m a lot more excited for the show this year than I was in 2013.  Maybe it’s because of everything I wrote above.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been invested in most of the stories, and the progression of the characters therein.  Maybe it’s just because the show has been good.

Whatever it is, I’m really looking forward to heading over to Juice Make Sugar HQ (read: Nick’s house) and watching Summerslam.  There’s a lot on the line.  Everything on the show counts, and it should really shape the next few months to come.  The events that unfold this Sunday night <shill> live, on the WWE Network </shill> will set the early stage for the Road to Wrestlemania.  And make no mistake, big things are on the way.

It’s been good.  It’s only going to get better.

But hey, let’s get to the action, shall we?

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