Yes! Yes! Yes! We’re Taped!

I’m so happy that Vince’s old hairstyle is back. That weird close-crop thing he had going since the Hair vs. Hair match was way too “Joseph Gordon Levitt in 50/50” for me.

It’s actually goose-bump inducing to see all of these people do the YES! chant for Daniel Bryan. If I could properly articulate what it’s like to see someone become a hero to a group of people, I wouldn’t be working part-time at a patio furniture store.

It may not be on Paul Heyman or Mark Henry’s level in the “art of heeling”, but the Mr. McMahon character — this Mr. McMahon, not “star of the show/founder of the Kiss My Ass club” Mr. McMahon — is DEFINITELY the Titanic to their What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Or the Independence Day to their Six Degrees of Separation. Or, uh, man, this was a lot easier when they made honest-to-god movie stars who weren’t also former professional wrestlers.