What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Impact Wrestling Preview, 6/20

TNA Says:

Thursday’s IMPACT will feature the official start of the annual Bound For Glory Series – and ALL 12 participants will be in action on the huge broadcast! Based on fan votes at our website, either Jeff Hardy or Bobby Roode will get the first call-out to kick off the BFG Series! On Thursday, the annual competition begins, with one lucky superstar eventually winning a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

Best Case Scenario: The show is built around the kicking-off of the series, and the announcers remind the audience of why all these matches are important throughout the show. All the competitors are involved in matches where they can show off one or two of their signature moves and get across why they are the “12 Men to Watch” in TNA.

Worst Case Scenario: The announcers do a poor job explaining the rules and/or importance of the series (the odds are dead even that this will happen). Too many of the competitors look weak right off the bat, losing first round squash matches.

Dave Says: When people ask me what TNA does that the WWE doesn’t, the BFG series is one of the few good cards I have to play. Sure, the scoring is a little convoluted with the overvaluing of submissions and the massive penalties for being counted out, but all in all, I like the concept a lot. WWE’s Royal Rumble produces some of the highest drama and intrigue of the wrestling year in one pay per view, but the BFG series asks the same question and extends the answer over the summer.

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