A 3-Hour Casual Male XL Commercial

Did The Great Khali have to take some Alice in Wonderland potion to turn into Tyson Kidd or is that how good the WWE marketing machine is?


The “breast cancer is terrible” promo before this match was both oddly real and impossibly contrived. As mentioned last week, the level to which John Cena exists outside of the basic goings-on of the WWE Universe is remarkable, but you have to wonder if someone else couldn’t have done that and made it seem less like they were trying to shoehorn a t-shirt commercial into Raw.


Having both del Rio and Zeb Colter on commentary seems like an idea surely to go wrong, but with both having a “legit” beef with Cena/each other and JBL pushing the numbers in their favor ideologically, this managed to be a relatively enjoyable match from the booth that actually served a narrative purpose. And to think, they said it couldn’t be done.

Of all the things to love about Goldust, Cody, and even John Cena in the match, the jump hug after they won might be my favorite. All three, along with at least Antonio Cesaro, and possibly Damien Sandow, have managed to reach the level of in-ring work that not only do fans love their matches because of they are involved, but the very matches themselves as stand-alone stories. When you have that, that’s all you need.