What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Impact Wrestling Preview 8/1

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling continues developing TNA’s three major summer storylines: Chris Sabin winning the TNA World Heavyweight Title, Aces & Eights vs. the Main Event Mafia, and the Bound for Glory Series. Below is a rundown of all advertised segments:

TNA Says:

HUGE MAIN EVENT ANNOUNCED: For the first time on broadcast television, it will be AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries in a Bound For Glory Series match! Watch as two of the top superstars in wrestling battle for the first time on IMPACT!

Best Case Scenario: These two have a fairly long TV match featuring back-and-forth action. A.J. plays the more heelish role, working Aries’ leg to slow down the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived’s high-flying offense. Aries goes into a hot comeback, but Styles cuts him off and makes him tap to the Calf Killer for 10 BFG Series points.

Worst Case Scenario: Neither character is ever established through work or a promo to be the heel (as was the case with Roode vs. Aries at Destination X). Styles and Aries completely fail to mesh as each insists upon working his pace and ignoring the other’s. Aries wins clean in the middle of the ring with his Brainbuster, destroying any mystique left in A.J.’s comeback.

Dave Says: On paper, this is a great, great matchup. It will be interesting to see the recently slowed-down A.J. work his new style against a man who wrestles as fast and hard as he did in his own rise to stardom, if not more so. This match is also novel in that it’s fairly unpredictable – both Styles and Aries are receiving strong pushes and both of them effectively play “tweener” characters. 

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