What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Impact Wrestling, 11/21

This week, TNA presents their “Turning Point” event in lieu of a regular episode of Impact Wrestling. Turning Point represents TNA’s return to Universal Studios, where they will tape two episodes of Impact over the weekend. Below is a rundown of all advertised segments:
Turning Point
TNA Says:

The main event of Thursday’s “Turning Point” broadcast will feature Mr. Anderson battling Bully Ray of The Aces and Eights! If Anderson wins, the Aces and Eights must disband forever! If Bully Ray wins, Anderson is GONE from TNA! Can Anderson get the ultimate revenge on his former Aces boss – or will he be off the roster after Thursday night? Don’t miss it!

Best Case Scenario: Anderson wins clean, Aces & Eights are done, and TNA can officially put this angle behind them.

Worst Case Scenario: This clunky, long match culminates in an a moronic super spot that leads to a non-finish, writing both men out as “injured.” Both the Aces & Eights breakup stip and the loser leaves town stip are rendered meaningless and never spoken of again.

Dave Says: I can’t help but feel that this revenge/delayed gratification storyline for Anderson has been too, well, delayed. It feels like he should have kicked Ray’s ass and ended this a month ago. Instead, TNA stuck to their time-tested (albeit unsuccessful) strategy of stacking the odds impossibly against the babyface and making the heels look unbeatable through long beatdowns. The elephant in the room? Aces & Eights are far too depleted and irrelevant to successfully generate the heat that this angle is supposed to have.

TNA Says:

Also at “Turning Point” the ongoing World Heavyweight Championship Tournament continues with TWO huge matches:

  1. In a Falls Count Anywhere Match, former Main Event Mafia members collide as it will be Magnus taking on Samoa Joe, with the winner advancing in the tourney!

  2. In the second tournament bout, “Cowboy” James Storm and Bobby Roode reignite their feud in a Bullrope Match!

Best Case Scenario:

  1. Joe and Magnus do the exciting, hard-working version of FCA, not the lazy, played-out version of FCA. After a long back-and-forth match, Magnus gives Joe his Michinoku Driver on the stage for the clean pin.
  2. Storm and Roode channel their long history together into another physical, personal-feeling match. Each man takes a big beating, both from their opponent and the bullrope. In the end, Roode is victorious, but because he out-wrestles Storm, not because of any EGO interference B.S. or that stupid finish from every bullrope/strap match ever.

Worst Case Scenario:

  1. Walking brawl/prop weapon clustermess.
  2. The ten-thousandth match in which Bobby Roode outsmarts James Storm and hits him with his own beer bottle.

Dave Says: If TNA can resist horrifically over-booking these matches (which is a big “if”), these could both be spectacular contests. Both matches have natural heat, as they feature well-established stars with tons of history. If TNA didn’t insist on presenting the Bully Ray vs. Anderson blowoff in the main event spot, either of these matches could easily carry the show.


TNA Says:

In addition this Thursday at 9/8c on SpikeTV: Joseph Park has challenged his brother Abyss to fight him in a match! Yes, you read that correctly! Has Joseph Park completely lost his mind? Will Abyss show up? Tune in and find out what will happen!

Best Case Scenario: Uhh… I mean, I think the Best Case Scenario is that the show is running long because of all the great wrestling and this gets cut.

Worst Case Scenario: Joseph Park comes out to fight Abyss. Abyss’ music plays revealing… Abyss being played by a developmental wrestler. “Abyss” beats Joseph Park in an unspeakably sloppy match, then cribs a page from the Undertaker’s book by throwing Park through the ring and “sending him to hell” with exploding fire and everything.

Dave Says: Boy, this is a peanut butter and fart sandwich if ever I’ve seen one… I can’t tell who I hate the most at this point: Abyss, Joseph Park, or the people who booked this.


TNA Says:

Plus, TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim continues her Open Challenge! Who will answer the call to face Gail this week? With Gail backed up by the juggernaut Lei’D Tapa, is there any woman wrestler who can beat Gail Kim?

Best Case Scenario: A fresh face challenges Kim, has a good match, and looks close to victory when a distraction by Lei’D Tapa allows the champion to score a quick, cheap win. Whoever the challenger is sticks around in TNA as a new babyface to fill out the anemic Knockouts roster.

Worst Case Scenario: Two words: Candice Michelle. Or, two words: Ashley Massaro. Or, two words: Reby Sky. Or, two words: Nicole Bass.

Dave Says: The open challenge is an effective way to show how dominant Gail Kim is, but in the long run, the title will eventually become completely meaningless if there isn’t a roster of well-established, over Knockouts competing for it. The challenge is a good way to fill out cards and take a look at new talent, but if TNA thinks they can do this for a year in lieu of actually hiring anybody full-time, then they might as well just forget about anybody caring about the Knockouts Title.

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