What About Me? What About Randy?

It seems like even Randy Orton was surprised by how long they let his theme song run. There really isn’t much to that thing other than “IHEARVOICESINMYHEAD…”, and even that only worked when he was Murder/Death/Kill Randy Orton. Petulant and eternally needy Randy should probably come to down the ring with ¬†something ironic like “Fortunate Son” or entirely on-the-nose. “Mo Money Mo Problems”, for instance.

Is Daniel Bryan a mute? Or are they just afraid that he’ll sarcasm the crowd to death if they let him on the mic?

The little extra “business” that Stephanie and Triple H do while the camera isn’t directly on them — like the conference they had while Randy Orton screamed about how ridiculous the idea of him having a match that night was — is probably my favorite part of the entire ¬†Authority experience. That or Kane appearing with his music and lights like the guys from General Consolidated Insurance.

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