Watch, Skim or Skip: Spoiler Alert with "Angry" Andy (11/18 – 11/22)

Over the course of seven days, there’s a lot of wrestling on TV. But only some of it is actually worth watching. That’s where I come in: break down the spoilers of all of WWE’s pre-taped shows to let you know what you should watch, and which segments and full shows you should skim or skip. This week, WWE does its best to convince you Survivor Series is still a major event.

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Tamina d Naomi

This was a Lumberjill match, so you already know how this one’s gonna go: paint-by-numbers.  That said, considering who’s in the ring for this one, it could still be alright…albeit a cheap build-up for the 7-on-7 Divas match at Survivor Series.

Alberto Del Rio d Santino

It’s the old Sheamus approach.  Let him talk on the main shows, and look like an absolute beast on the B-shows.  A loss to a guy like Del Rio will NEVER hurt Santino.  This is good, simple, effective booking.

Fandango d Kofi Kingston

Newly-heel Miz was on commentary for this one, costing Kofi the match.  These two are set to do battle on the pre-show of this Sunday’s Survivor Series card.  I don’t know why you build a new feud and relegate it to the pre-show.  I’m also not sure why Kofi couldn’t go over here, making him look credible against the guy who NEEDS to beat him this Sunday.  Especially since a loss doesn’t really hurt Fandango.

WATCH this show.  The action will be good, and all of it builds to this Sunday’s pay-per-view.

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The Rhodes Brothers d The Real Americans
This was a tag team title match.  If this was given proper time, it better be great.

Ryback d The Great Khali
Khali answered Ryback’s open challenge.  I guess they’re trying to let Ryback get his heat back, after Big Show made him look like a chump on Raw.

Cameron & Naomi d AJ Lee
Vickie booked this handicap match, as revenge for Raw.  Somebody call her mama.

Rey Mysterio & The Usos d The Shield
Yeah, you read that correctly.  Two things: this probably means the Shield is going to DESTROY the Usos at Survivor Series, and I really hope they protected Mysterio. He’s SO broken.

Big E Langston & Dolph Ziggler d Curtis Axel & Damien Sandow
Former friends turned Summerslam opponents have reunited…in a throwaway tag match on Smackdown.  While I understand this match is designed to continue the E/Axel and Ziggler/Sandow feuds, they didn’t need this match.  Big E has surpassed Ziggler.  What a difference a couple of months can make.

Prime Time Players d “The Fabulous 3-Birds”
To me, 3MB’s are the new Matt Hardy: Version 1.  They’re talented guys who were floundering.  Their new gimmick, though, keeps you waiting to see what’s going to happen when they come out.  Instead of Matt Facts, it’s the gimmick of the week.  It lets them keep a little bit of heat, while putting over guys like the PTPs, who really need some legitimate wins.

Daniel Bryan d Luke Harper
These guys work well together, so this should be great.  Punk comes down after the match to attack Harper, and the faces get straight-up murdered by the Wyatts.  Not sure why the rest of the face team was too busy to make the save, but hey, Punk and Bryan make amazing underdogs.

WATCH this show.  Just like Main Event, it’s all mostly-logical booking building to this Sunday’s show.

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