Juice Make Sugar’s Spoiler Alert: 4/14-4/18

WWE Superstars

Intercontinental Champion Big E defeated Titus O’Neil. E won with The Big Ending. The Birmingham crowd chanted “Let’s Go E” at one point during the match.

Weirdly, having Big E. look strong in defense of the title against a relative nobody who looks impressive is a good way to get him over. We always thought that dogs laid eggs, but we learned something today.

Los Matadores beat Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal.

This needs to be given credit for helping bring back little people wrestling almost singlehandedly, but it also prominently involves Jinder Mahal. So, let’s split the difference and say:

SKIP this show.

Unless you want to see Big E. beat the crap out of Titus or the beginning stages of the Great Jobber War of 2014, spend this time watching the Top 10 Most Infamous Gimmicks special on The Network.

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