Bryan’s Still Got It

For a guy who is not particularly great on the mic, a less than stellar wrestler and a mediocre personality, Edge is pretty over in his hometown.

Speaking of being pretty over, it’s fun to watch them play with the crowd to invoke a response for Daniel Bryan. It’s that fun area between pandering and playing fetch with the crowd.

Triple so badly wants to say “March of Dimes” when talking about Edge’s Stack-of-Dimes neck. If only they didn’t have that exclusive deal with the Make-a-Wish Foundation! And is this worked shoot right now on what anyone who isn’t a total mark thinks about Edge?


Kofi Kingston really looks like he has a chance to win the belt at some point in the near future. So that the next guy they put it on to make it important has someone the fans like to beat for it in the slightly less near future, of course. Those big boy pants are pretty nice, though.

Heyman apparently just realized how badly Intercontinental Champions are booked to look in WWE. He looks pissed.

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