You Say "Yes," I Say "No, No, No"

Worked shoots are always kind of gross, but with the “Reality Era” making everything both a work and a shoot, things like “nobody owes you shit” and “you’re a headcase” are always nicer to hear about people for whom it’s actually at least kind of true.  Though, given that would it have killed Triple H to call him “Dave”? It seems weird that he’d call out a friend for being kind of a dick and airing their private business in public, but not mention him by name. And, one more thing, was HHH standing on the ropes so that he would look taller while shouting at Batista and Orton, or because he was worried that they weren’t going to hear him?  Does he not realize that’s a microphone he’s shouting into?
And for those that are afraid of the possibility of Triple H hotdogging/grandstanding his way into the main event:



There’s no pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater than Cesaro uppercutting the shit out of someone when they — and the crowd — least expect it. 



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