What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Impact, 7/4

TNA Says 

Plus, what will be the fate of last week’s “Gut Check” competitors as they chase their dream of earning a TNA contract? The hopefuls face the judges on Thursday night and will learn their fate!

Best Case Scenario: Big O and “rocker guy whose name I can’t (and shouldn’t) remember” both get sent packing. This is the last Gut Check segment ever.

Worst Case Scenario: TNA signs the Big O, puts him in a tag team with Rob Terry, has the two of them wear Road Warrior makeup, and makes them the most dominant force in professional wrestling.

Dave Says: This should be interesting, given the releases of a large number of former Gut Check winners this week… Gut Check has been an obvious and colossal failure, so hopefully they just fade to black in the quietest way possible. 

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